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    OSPHC Christmas 2013

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    OSPHC Members

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    NEPHC 2014

  • OSPHC at the 2014 Great Chowder Cook Off

    OSPHC at the 2014 Great Chowder Cook Off

  • OSPHC received the Flip Flop Award at 2014 Meeting of the Minds

    OSPHC received the Flip Flop Award at 2014 Meeting of the Minds

Members Meeting Minutes

We are pleased to provide the minutes from the members meetings, for those of you who could not attend, or to refresh your memory if you did not catch what was said.

Ben opened up our meeting in the usual fashion with a team drink.
First up….we would like to welcome our new members to the club, Allie Lee, Steve Einhorn, Cindy Fortin and Michael DeAngelo.  Nice to see some new faces in the crowd. Welcome aboard! Glad to have ya!
Buffett Ticket requests have been received….we had gotten requests for 40 but due to the limited amount of tickets given out to the Northeast this year (250) we had to cut 12 people from the request list.  Priority was given to those who have participated in events this year.  Buffett will be playing this year on August 15th at the Xfinity Center. (Great Woods for all you seasoned people) This year the club has again decided that we will park in public lots, hoping that we can get the same area as last year.  All the clubs were together last year.  It just happened that way and was a great party!
An announcement was made tonight that the Northeast Region will be hosting a pre-buffett party at the Red Roof Inn in Mansfield on Friday, August 14th.  Bring your favorite liquid beverage and snacks, rent a room and enjoy the festivities.  There will be entertainment and headlining the day will be the Island Castaways Band.
Coming up next week, the NEPHC at the Mansfield Holiday Inn.  As you are aware, the Parrothead Olympics will be a big part of the celebration.  Opening ceremonies are at 12:00 on Friday if you’re lucky enough to be there.  Our teams are all set and ready to go for the Tacky Tourist contest, Olympic Tidal pool, jello shot contest and frozen t-shirt contests.  Our color will stand out! Neon green!  So, get yourself geared up for this….it should be hilarious.  Another big part of the NEPHC at least with our club, is the ironing board buffet.  Ben will be hosting this outside his room which is 234.  Everyone should bring a dish to share and Ben will provide the liquid refreshments. We still have a few things to do before next week.  Our stainless steel cutout will be finished this week at Sue and en Nelson’s house on Sunday, March 8th.  Another big part of the convention is our group picture.  This will be done at 5pm on Saturday.  We will meet in the front of the hotel in the garden area.


Our President Ben called the meeting to order.
First up…..he told of a meeting change.  Next month’s members meeting will be a week early due to the NEPHC…so mark your calendars for March the 5th.  The meeting will take place at Davenports in East Providence.
Speaking of convention…it’s coming up fast.  Ben has announced that he will have open room hours at the hotel.  Since this year’s convention is titled “The Stories We Could Tell”, he will be displaying in his room, pictures of the OSPHC through the years.  Look through your old photos…if you have a few you can spare...let Ben know, so he can display them. He will also have food and drink for your enjoyment.  The ironing board buffet will be outside of Ben’s room in the hallway.  Bring a dish to share and your ironing board, which should be in everybody’s room and come on down around 6:00pm.  This has been a long standing tradition and always a good social event.  Ben also spoke of the sheet metal cut out which will be displayed along the garden area.  We are going to decorate it with bumper stickers and we are going to have RI landmarks and such in a 3D format.  So if you have any RI significant bumper stickers you would like on it…let Ben know by emailing him.  Around the area where our cut out will be, we will be able to decorate as well.  We will be using RI specific things.  Ken Nelson is building a Newport Bridge and we can decorate around it.  Ben is soliciting volunteers for the Parrothead  Olympics.  If you go to newenglandphc.com….you can read up on these events with the day and times for each one.  We need you!  Do you love jello??  There is a jellyshot eating contest. Can you swim??  We will need you in the pool!  Do you love to travel???  There will be a tacky tourist relay.  Do you like the cold?? There will be a frozen T-shirt contest.  Our team color is neon green…so yeah…you will be seen!  Go to the website for more info and email Ben if you are interested!


Ben opened up our meeting in the usual fashion with a team drink..
First up….as of this writing, The Uno Fundraiser went off without a hitch.  A number of our RI members headed over to Pizzeria Uno in Warwick on Bald Hill Rd. on January 22nd.  A good meal was had by all with a percentage of the profits going to this year’s convention kitty for the Vermont Children’s Hospital.  Great job everyone!
Next up….you know its coming….you know you want to go….so what are you waiting for?  You got it…NEPHC hosted by the Frozen Finz of Vermont.  Registration is still open but not for long!  I hear there are very few rooms left, so if you’re on the fence, better jump off and get going!  Lots going on this year….here is one for you.  NEPHC Olympics….Each club will form a team for a variety of Olympic events…there will be 4 competitions.  Tital Pool Explorer (must be a decent swimmer)…Jell-O Shot eating contest...Frozen T-shirt Contest and the Tacky Tourist Relay.  We need volunteers!  Descriptions on these events can be found on the NEPHC website…www.newenglandphc.com.  Please let Ben know if you are interested in competing in any of these events, as we need to put our teams together.  Each club is a different neon color.  Our designated color for the Olympics is Neon Green.   We still have a little decorating to do for this convention.  Each state in NE will have their very own sheet metal cut out that will be on display throughout the garden area of the hotel. Each club is responsible for decorating their state, so if you’re up for the challenge…Ben will be hosting a “decorate the steel” get together at his home on February 8th.  Time to be announced…we can do it up any way we want.  So bring your ideas and supplies.  It is a pretty big cut out, so we have a lot of area to cover.  If you can’t make it, send us your ideas! t!


Our President Ben opened up the meeting in the usual fashion with a team drink..
Welcome to the 2014 Members Meeting and Holiday Party….
Ben announced that our club received a very nice thank you card from Kathy Werner regarding our fruit arrangement that we sent following the loss of her husband Rick.  She thanked us all for thinking of her and our love and support during this very difficult time.  Please keep her in your thoughts.
We have some delicious fundraising coming up in January 2015.  Pizzeria Uno has again agreed to sponsor the efforts of the Parrothead Clubs in the New England area.  By now you should have received a link to the coupon that is needed when you dine at Uno’s…print it out and bring it whenever you dine there in the month of January.  Proceeds from each sale will benefit the convention this year.  A win, win situation right there…good food and donations.  So go hungry and eat well!  Also, check out the website for all the different events that are taking place at the convention this year…so much to choose from.  Some you need to sign up for and the one I like the best is the Parrothead Olympics.  Teams need to be formed for these, so if you’re interested, please let Ben know or any of our BOD.  The website for the NEPHC is very user friendly, but you can direct any question to Marilyn Baker or Chris Lang.  Oh….and if you haven’t registered yet…what are you waiting for??  There is still time, but the clock is ticking!


Our President Ben opened up the meeting in the usual fashion with a team drink..
He started our meeting with the announcement of our Holiday Party.  Our next meeting on December 11th will be our Annual Parrothead Holiday Party/meeting.  More of a party than a meeting on this one.  We will have our gift swap/secret santa again this year…here is how it goes.  Each attendee brings a gift valued at not more than $20.00.  It should be nondenominational.  Wrap it up, bring it and get a number. All gifts will be laid out on a table.  Once your number is called, you get up and pick the surprise gift you want.  Simple as that.  Its lots of fun, not knowing what you are getting.  If you want to swap with someone, go ahead!  We are also giving back this season.  Charlie Pitts brought in gift wishes from a needy family in his parish, Christ the King Church.  Whoever wanted to take a gift wish did so and these gifts should be brought in to the December meeting so he can bring them to the church in time for Christmas.  It is always a nice gesture to give to those who are less fortunate.  
Money calendars for the convention are being sold in the amount of $10.00.  There will be different money amounts given out each day in the month of January. Selling of these calendars end soon, so if you want one, contact Terri Weissenberg.  She is selling them for the Frozen Fins.  The proceeds from the sale will benefit the convention.


List of Events

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